Monday, July 22, 2013

Man of Steel sequel to be a Batman/Superman crossover

A couple days ago, it was announced that the next Man of Steel movie will include another familiar face in the DC universe, Batman. It took me a while to gather my thoughts as to what I thought of this news, and I'm still not totally sure. On the surface, it seems like a really cool idea, but several factors make it potentially problematic.

First, the fact that the most recent Superman movie was pretty darn boring doesn't bode well for any sequel to that franchise, especially considering the same writer and directors are coming back, so it could just be more of the same boring content. Hopefully the sequel will make things a whole lot more interesting and less explode-y and wall-to-wall action than the first installment.

Second, reinventing Batman is going to be a really tall order in the wake of the Christopher Nolan Batman storyline. It's totally possible that there are other director/actor combinations that could work to make another great Batman movie, but it really depends heavily on who they get to take on the roll of the Caped Crusader, considering Christian Bale won't be coming back, either. Whoever they get, it's going to be very difficult to best the quality of what came before.

Finally, I think the movies believability rests on how they treat the relationship of Batman to Superman. Will it be a rivalry? A team up? If it's the former, it seems like it will be a lot harder to believably pull off, because how could Batman be any match for Superman? I think the two teaming up somehow is the only logical way this kind of storyline could be executed. Plus, they have to get on the same side eventually if things are supposed to be leading up to a Justice League movie.

I'm still excited and intrigued by the prospect of a Batman/Superman crossover, I just sincerely hope the concept is treated respectfully and, as much as a superhero movie can be, believably. We'll find out in 2015. What a year that will be for movies.

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